During the winter months, it is not uncommon for the Sun City Grand golf operations staff to declare a frost delay.  This is done to protect the course from certain damage if players and carts were to venture onto the fairways and greens.

The way this affects us is the shotgun start that precedes the 150 Golf Club would be delayed from their normal 8:00AM start.  The length of delay is dependent on the severity of  the frost.  Theoretically, whatever the shotgun is delayed would be the same delay that would affect our play.  However, this is often not the case because many players in the shotgun will drop out and the remaining shotgun pace of play will be faster.

What you need to know....At approximately 7:30AM on 150 Golf Club play days when frost may be a factor, a representative of our club will contact the golf course personnel to find out if there is going to be a frost delay.  We will also get their best estimation on how long the delay will be.  This information will be placed on the home page of of this website.  Another way to check for frost delays is to access Sun City Grand's Frost Delay web page.  This page is updated each day during winter months and will give you instant frost delay notification.  Remember, it is the member's responsibility to check the website for frost delay information.  Also, please understand that the delay shown on the site is approximate and it is entirely possible that we may play slightly earlier or later than the time stated.  Another thing to remember is that just because we experience a frost delay, it does not mean that the weather will be uncomfortable when we play.  The desert temperatures usually warm quickly by late morning.
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