COVID -19 Requirements and Information
In order to play golf in the 150 Golf Club you must have completed the COVID - 19 waiver form. The pro shop will verify at check in. If you have not done so click on the "COVID - 19 Waiver" button and complete the form.
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150 Golf Club COVID - 19 Guidelines -
1. Be sure you have the CAM waiver on file. You will not be able to use the facilities without this waiver. Keep on your phone or have a print-out with you when you check in.
2. Sharing a cart is allowed, or you may use individual carts.
3. Wear masks when checking in, getting your score card, or paying for your round of golf.
4. Do not pick up other player’s clubs or golf balls.
5. Leave the flag sticks in the hole on the greens.
6. Pick up your golf ball with your gloved hand.
7. Do not use the golf ball washers on the course.
8. No rakes in the bunkers. Smooth the sand with your foot or club.
9. When talking with others before and/or after play, be sure to stay at least 6 feet away from each other.
10. Do not move chairs in the Snack Bar areas. Golf and CAM are not encouraging congregating before and after rounds of golf, based on the State’s guidelines.
11. Wash hands frequently. May want to carry hand sanitizer in your golf cart.
By clicking on the "Sign Up" button you are acknowledging that you have completed the waiver and read the guidelines. If you have not, do so before proceeding. If you have click on "Sign Up" to continue.
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